Why Tractor Size?


At TRIC, our robots are engineered for the farm. We seamlessly integrate autonomy and innovative technologies with steel frames and hydraulic components, all designed with the familiarity of traditional tractors in mind, ensuring ease of use and reliability for farmers.


Farming is all about scale. In essence, greater coverage translates to improved unit economics. Our EDEN Platform boasts a coverage capacity that is seven times greater than that of a conventional single-row platform, significantly enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Increased capacity allows us to achieve more with less. This translates to fewer robots to oversee and the ability for each one to possess a broader range of capabilities.


Farms may appear flat, but knee-high ruts often lurk in the furrows. It's crucial that tires are elevated above the plants and possess sufficient traction to navigate the challenging terrain of agricultural landscapes.


Farmers design their fields to accommodate tractor navigation. A robot with a tractor-scale form factor offers a familiar presence, eliminating the need for alterations to the farm's layout.


Our Eden robot fleet specializes in ultraviolet light application. With a span of over 40 feet, these three-wheeled robots match the form factor of conventional spray rigs, enabling seamless navigation on farms with tight turns and obstacles. Featuring automated boom height and wing adjustments, Eden ensures precise dosing even in uneven rows. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, Eden also provides enhanced farm security when not actively in operation.

Why robots are better than tractors


Fully Autonomous

Autonomous navigation ensures consistent treatments, enhanced row tracking, and safer operation, leading to more reliable and efficient agricultural practices.

Adjustable Payloads

Dosing controllers and vacuum sensing ensure the effectiveness of treatments, providing precision and reliability in pest and disease management.

Data and Analytics

Real-time data capture offers valuable insights for enhanced management of both the farm and the fleet, driving efficiency and informed decision-making.


Pick a plot

Decide where you want your Eden and/or Luna pest and disease control service

TRIC setup

Robots are setup by TRIC and start running when your tractors can get into the field

TRIC treatment

Robots run cover every acre twice a week at night and are completely managed by TRIC

Pay what you spray

Pay what you normally pay for sprays, get more effective control, no additional labor or management


The Luna platform was designed in the same form factor as the legendary Harvest Pro, making it a familiar multi-row platform for strawberry farmers. The base model covers six rows giving Luna a range of 50-100 acres. Luna is capable of carrying several payloads including a boom for UV treatment, bug vacuums, and cameras for collecting real-time plant analytics. With remote start and monitoring larger farms can be cooperatively managed by several robots.


We provide our solution as a service so farmers only pay what they normally for conventional pest and disease  control

Ground compaction is a combination of weight and surface contact with the tires. Similar to tractors, we use large diameter tires to minimize ground compaction.

Our tractors are powered by a diesel generator. Our first robots were battery powered, but we learned there was often no place to charge them, so we put the generator directly on the robot.

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