Predictable Farming

Our automated, non-chemical treatment, makes farmers more profit with less work


The TRIC MU-2 (multi-use, multi-functional) platform is designed to bring new technology to farmers in an easy to use, intuitive package. For a service fee our robots stay on the farm all season performing weeding and pathogen treatments while they collect data to inform the farmer of plant health and productivity. You can think of MU-2 as a Roomba for the field, it deploys autonomously and does everything at night by itself.


UV-C Treatment

A combination of automation and UV-C light, using technology developed by the USDA, our platform kills pathogens autonomously in place of pesticides.

Automated Scouting

Tracking the development and health of every strawberry in the field, our data solutions streamline logistics and improve farm management.

Weed Control

Our platform autonomously targets and kills weeds, reducing labor and herbicide use.


  • Eliminate Pesticides

    Be sustainable! Reduce the use of pesticides through disease prediction.

  • Improve Yield

    TRIC can increase yield compared to organic farming while keeping the pesticides away.

  • Automate

    Reduce intensive work with intelligent automation of UV-C treatment & weed control, based on crop needs.

  • Predict

    TRIC can predict yield and identify problem areas in the field. Farmers are presented with relevant updates on crop health and productivity

  • Reduce Costs

    Can drive the cost of managing crops down by eliminating the use of pesticides.

  • Peace of Mind

    It's like having an army of workers & agronomist constantly taking care of your crops!


Kearneysville, West Virginia

With scientists from the USDA Agricultural Research Center, our first out of state pilot site supports two varieties on 1/5 acre.

Georgetown, Delaware

Located at the University of Delaware’s Carvel Research Center, this is our largest pilot site with a full acre and four different strawberry varieties.

Camden, Delaware

In collaboration with Delaware’s largest strawberry farm, our 1/4 acre Fifer Orchards pilot site was established in September 2019.


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