It’s our goal to bring automation to the farm, so we can grow healthier, more sustainable food for everyone

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Driving across the USA to launch in strawberries

Automation is the key to unlocking greater efficiency on the farm, allowing farmers to grow more with less, without damaging the planet
Adam Stager


We believe for automation to work on the farm you need to be in the field, listen to farmers, and iterate as fast as possible


From the garage to the largest fields in the world

2019 POC

Built from aluminum construction scaffolding, the proof of concept got us on our first strawberry field, Fifer Orchards in Delaware.


Rows Covered: N/A

Treatment Range: N/A

2020 PROTO

Enhanced with steel upgrades, we journeyed across the country to deploy our battery-powered robots in the fields of Watsonville and Santa Maria.


Rows Covered: 1

Treatment Range: 1 Acre

2021 EDEN5

Guided by farmer insights, we expanded our capabilities with a 5-bed, hydraulically powered robot to meet the demands of modern agriculture.


Rows Covered: 5

Treatment Range: 15 Acres

2022 EDEN7

To enhance our reach, we added extensions and expanded the Eden fleet, ensuring greater coverage and efficiency in our operations.


Rows Covered: 7

Treatment Range: 30 Acres

Capabilities: UV Treatment

2023 LUNA

Guided by feedback from farmers and crop consultants, we developed a new multirow platform, designed to deliver a variety of solutions with precision and efficiency.


Rows Covered: 6-8

Treatment Range: 50-100 Acres

Capabilities: UV Treatment + Bug Vacuum

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