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Adam Stager is a roboticist specializing in the design and control of mobile robots. He began his journey as an entrepreneur in 2017 by selling robots to SWAT teams and has experience in marketing and product development after successfully launching a Kickstarter in 2018. Adam is passionate about sustainable innovation and improving our impact on the world using technology.

Adam Stager

Founder and ceo

Vishnu is a Sophomore Biomedical Engineering major at the University of Delaware who primarily leads and tracks business and technical objectives. He also contributes to the software development team by designing safety, lighting functionality for the MU-2 platform. Off the clock, Vishnu’s interests include international culture, playing basketball,soccer,singing, and nature. 

Vishnu Somasundaram

Business management

Mario is a Senior Mechanical Engineering Major at the Ss. Cyrill and Methodius University in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He oversees the maintenance, development, production and management of all our media including our website and social media pages. He offers support to the framework team and is a part of the field testing days. His interests are in design, media, mechatronic and aircraft systems. In his free time, he likes to workout, hike and watch sports.


Mario Ampov

digital media manager

Jake is a Senior Mechanical Engineering Major at the University of Delaware who works on the mechanical design of the MU-2 platform. As a part of the hardware team, he is involved in developing the frame for the platform as well as the design improvements to make the platform optimal for use and transportation. Jake likes to spend his down time researching a variety of topics including nutrition, exercise, psychology, finance and physics.

Jacob Lubsen

Mechanical engineer


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