Kearneysville, West Virginia

With scientists from the USDA Agricultural Research Center, our first out of state pilot site supports two varieties on 1/5 acre. Here experts in plant pathology will study the effects of in-field UV-C treatment to determine best practices and improvements for our non-chemical treatments.

Georgetown, Delaware

Located at the University of Delaware’s Carvel Research Center, this is our largest pilot site with a full acre and four different strawberry varieties. Sixteen long rows with low wet regions, data collected during treatments at this site will be used to optimize our row following and treatment dosage stability.

Camden, Delaware

In collaboration with Delaware’s largest strawberry farm, our 1/4 acre Fifer Orchards pilot site was established in September 2019 entirely with the Camino Royale variety. With over 36 rows and no in-field power, after nightly treatments this site will put our autonomous charging station to the test.

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